Helping Leaders Live Healthy Lives,
Lead Healthy Teams,
and Grow Healthy Ministries.


A lot of today’s leaders experience a significant gap between where they are and where they believe God has called them to be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  
Dr. Jeanne Mayo and the Platinum Leadership Coaching team uses over 50 years of ministry and leadership experience to come alongside pastors and ministry leaders to help them LIVE healthy lives, LEAD healthy teams, and GROW healthy ministries.

Transformational Two-Day Intensive strengthening specific areas you want to grow in. This will be an unforgettable team experience with a handful of people of your choice to make the journey with.

Personalized Strategies and Goals to ensure long-term impact of your investment. Jeanne has over 30 possible coaching focuses from which you may choose the two that you want to focus on during your 48 hours of coaching together.

The Platinum Choice.

Platinum is a pure metal that doesn’t rust, corrode, tarnish, or change color. It’s dense, malleable, and at the same time, very strong. Can you imagine the Kingdom impact if those attributes were used to describe our lives, leadership, and ministries? We believe they absolutely can.


Leaders are rusting out at a rapid rate due to a lack of self-care and neglecting their emotional health.


While the Great Commission will never change, the way we impact culture has to. 


There is a beautiful Gospel impact when our lives are “closely compacted with [the] substance” of God’s word and His Spirit. 


Platinum Leadership Coaching uses over 5 decades of “in the trench” experience to give you the tools you need to build a strong culture. 

“…Jeanne has unique leadership giftings that are unparalleled in many ways.”

Banning Liebscher
Founder of Jesus Culture & Senior Pastor of Jesus Culture Sacramento

“Through her, you have 5 decades of leadership at your fingertips!”

Reggie Dabbs
National Motivational Speaker

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