The Cadre is a 12-month personal mentoring journey with Jeanne that includes the following:

          • Two Unforgettable Advances hosted by Jeanne in Atlanta 
          • Monthly Interactive Zoom Coaching  Calls
          • Personal  “Iron Groups” With Friends Who Will Last A Lifetime
          • A Third “Ladies-Only” Breakaway
          • Email Mentoring And Coaching By Jeanne Herself
          • Meaningful Fieldtrips and Fun “Extra’s” 


48 Game-Changing Hours:

  • With the 1 – 12 other people of your choosing
  • On the 2 game-changing days of your choice…
  • In the location of your choosing (either Jeanne’s personal home in Atlanta or in a different location of your choice)
  • Focused on the TWO PRIMARY LEADERSHIP FOCUSES that you select (out of 20 possible topics that Jeanne’s decades of successful leadership make possible)
  • Strengthened by 3 months of personal follow-up with Jeanne to assure your goals move to REALITY.

Where else can you experience personal, game-changing coaching that deals singularly with the areas you most want to grow in… while experiencing it with the specific “tribe” of people you choose to make the journey with?  It’s an unparalleled opportunity for a fee you can afford. 


I’ve never been the kind of woman attracted to “fluffy” women’s initiatives.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’M ALL WOMAN…complete with my love for shopping and my struggles to keep weight off!  But I’ve never been deeply wooed to “female holy huddles” where women commiserate at great length about their personal woes and about not being deeply respected enough as females.  That’s just NOT ME.

So I’m launching a virtual zoom mastermind group for WOMEN WHO TRULY WANT TO BE ALL THEY CAN BE… Women who want to be CHALLENGED AND STRETCHED to go to new levels, both in their impact for the Kingdom and in their own leadership ability (whether involving their family, their job, or their ministry). And as an added bonus, this is also for women who want to establish genuine friendships with other gals with whom they can easily relate.
THE RESULT?  I’m excitedly inaugurating
PREVAIL WOMENAn Interactive Zoom Mastermind For Women Wanting Intentional And Unforgettable Growth!


Jeanne has spoken in almost every possible venue and continues to crisscross the globe, fulfilling her many speaking opportunities with genuine heart, humor, wisdom, and relevance

Her speaking forums include: 

  • Conference Presenter  
  • Church/Ministry Guest Speaker
  • Leadership Communicator
  • Seminar Presenter
  • Motivational Speaker


Over 600 priceless resources available on every imaginable topic!!

We want to give you the coaching and resources for you and your team to be highly effective, deeply fulfilled and successful.  

Monthly Coaching from Jeanne Mayo herself!

It is a known fact that the world is constantly changing, and with it the ever-evolving strategies for reaching the next generation. But this monthly subscription is more than tips and tricks - Legacy is a partnership to strengthen  your leadership and grow your team!

Are you ready to dive deeper into the resources from Jeanne Mayo? With your subscription, you get access to new resources every month...As well as over 600 other invaluable resources at your fingertips.

Benefit from Jeanne's 50+ years of ministry!

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