The Cadre is a 12-month personal mentoring journey with Jeanne that includes the following:

          • Two Intense Advances
          • Monthly Coaching Conference Calls
          • Small Iron Groups
          • A Third “Ladies-Only” Breakaway
          • Email Mentoring And Coaching By Jeanne
          • Meaningful Surprises 


We want to give you the coaching and resources for your team to be successful.  Get unlimited access to all of Jeanne's hundreds of resources for Youth & Youth Adult Ministry!

Monthly Coaching from Jeanne Mayo herself!

It is a known fact that the world is constantly changing, and with it the ever-evolving strategies for reaching the next generation. But this monthly subscription is more than tips and tricks - Legacy is a partnership to strengthen and grow your team!

Are you ready to dive deeper into the resources from Jeanne Mayo? With your subscription, you get access to new resources every month.

Benefit from Jeanne's 50+ years of ministry!

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