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Acclaimed by Ministries Today as “America’s Number One Youth Pastor,” Dr. Jeanne Mayo has thrown her heart and passion into equipping leaders for over five decades. Her ministry DNA is reflected in her life mission statement: “The motivation and mentorship of Kamikaze Christianity into practicing and potential Kingdom champions.” Through the years, Jeanne has been used of the Lord to take challenging ministries to exciting spiritual and numerical health. Jeanne’s successful leadership has placed her in high demand as a communicator as well as a leadership coach and public speaker. She has crisscrossed the U.S. and the globe, speaking in countless venues to a myriad of audiences.


In recent years, Jeanne founded Platinum Leadership Coaching and The Cadre, non-profit organizations that seek “to instruct, equip, inspire and encourage the emerging leaders of this generation.” Through these venues, she has coached and mentored thousands of the nation’s premiere leaders.
Among her honors, Jeanne was awarded the Lifetime Influence Award from the National Assemblies of God, the world’s largest denomination with over 66 million members and adherents. She has also been featured twice as the “cover story” of Ministries Today magazine. In their most recent feature article on her, Jeanne was once again heralded as one of the nation’s premiere voices in the training and raising up of emerging leaders across our nation and around the world at large.

At this season in Jeanne's life, she is largely focusing her heart and passion into putting other leaders "on her shoulders." Her three primary avenues of impact include Platinum Leadership Coaching, The Cadre, and her public speaking.

Publishing has also continued to be one of Jeanne’s focuses. She is a regular columnist for Group Magazine and Ministries Today. She is the author of the popular leadership book, Thriving Youth Groups, as well as Dating Declassified and Uncensored: Finding God When He Feels Far Away. Her fourth book, JEANNEisms: Short Sentences That Echo Loud Meaning has also met with wide acclaim.

In 2017, Heaven became a little richer with the entrance of her husband, Pastor Sam Mayo. Jeanne often smilingly says that she was privileged to experience nearly “48 years of marriage and ministry with the patriarch who yet remains her lifelong ‘hero and boyfriend.’” Their two adult sons, Josh and Justin, both are thriving in full-time ministry endeavors as well.

In short, life pulsates with energy and purpose in the life of Jeanne Mayo. She often smilingly reminds those around her that she remains focused on Missionary Jim Elliott’s words: “He is no fool who gives what he CANNOT KEEP…to gain what he CANNOT LOSE.”

International Speaker & Author

Founder & President of The Cadre

Founder & President of Platinum Leadership Coaching Cohort

Founder & President of Youth Leader's Coach