This month's Legacy is one that we can all relate to.  I call it, "WHEN LIFE STINKS!"  Don't you wish that if you were a genuine Christian, all of life would be positive, rosy and beautiful?  Unfortunately, that's not the way it usually goes... and that's especially true for leaders.

Most people find it pretty easy to live for Jesus when everything is going well, but it's very different when the pressure comes on.  I often say that "adversity reintroduces a man to himself."  Isn't that true?  So, enjoy these Legacy resources and feel free to share them with others, because even if you don't need them now, you will




All of us have or will face adversity. The defining question is though, how will you respond in those crisis moments? How will you keep the times of adversity from paralyzing you from life and allow them to make you stronger instead? 
When I've had to face into some of the toughest challenges in my life, I have been more intentional than ever to rest in God's character...even when He may not deliver me through the situation in the way I'd want Him to. 


At some point in time, everyone experiences a huge let down. No one is exempt! Something doesn't go our way or someone doesn't come through as anticipated. And, sometimes that someone is God! 
Journey with me as I talk about why it's so important to not BLAME GOD for things that He had nothing to do with. Or after it's all said and done and you’re processing the entire situation and you think back to yourself, “God, why didn’t you stop that bad thing from happening?” 


What do you do, when something tragic happens to your hero?  Jeanne wrote this a few weeks after her husband and hero... one of the best people she knew... had a massive stroke.  
At Calvary Jesus related with everyone who would innocently suffer.  He was the ultimate GOOD GUY... who was having BAD STUFF happen.


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