Wow! What a hot topic, but what a relevant one. In this Legacy, I'm leaning in to help all of us look into the upcoming month of love…but even if you're seeing this at Christmas time, it really doesn't matter, because the topics we're talking about are relevant 365 days, 12 months a year and I'm going to say that in honesty they are big topics.

You will want to approach this topic with those you lead appropriately according to their age. But interestingly, most people who work with children, will say it has flooded even into children lives way, way too early. The world is really going crazy trying to reidentify everybody and so how cool to be able to take us back to just some Scriptural principles. Since God made us sexually, only He knows best how to make that experience the most beautiful. So, be sure to look at all the resources and thanks for doing everything you do in order to make a Christ-honoring impact in today's culture.




I bet you'll listen to this leadership resource pretty quickly! It's entitled, "10 Coaching Strategies To Help Your Young Adults And Teenagers Walk In Sexual Purity." And trust me, it's one of the biggest battlegrounds you'll ever have to coach your kids through. Unfortunately, in the church world, we often preach fired up messages about the importance of sexual purity without carefully laying out a game plan that helps them to move in that direction.
We minister with a culture that more and more accepts the premise that “living together before marriage is not only OK…but often a positive ‘try and see’ approach before the definite commitment of marriage is made.” We’re going to call this practice, “cohabitation,” which has increased at an alarming rate! And believe it or not, in a representative survey, nearly half of twenty-somethings agreed with the statement: “You would only marry someone if he or she agreed to live together first to see if you really got along.”


As shocking as it sounds, I actually believe part of the "Playboy Philosophy." As I researched a talk about intimacy, I found this quote by Anson Mount, the co-author of the "Playboy Philosophy." "In the last 20 years, we have not gone through a sexual revolution as much as a revolution in our search for intimacy." How true.
Sometimes when I do a Message, I internally know it will be one which will have unusual eternal significance. That would be the case with this one, "The Dragon Of Imagination." My topic focuses around the power of what we allow to linger in our imagination, especially in sexual areas. Yes, you read that correctly, I'm dealing with the sensitive issue of what we let our eyes go to on the internet, in movies, magazines and so on.


Any close relationship that is not pulling you closer to the Lord will eventually become negative in your life. Neutraility always goes to negative...not positive.  Soul ties are formed anytime and every time anything sexual occurs.
Imagine yourself in a room where the most gorgeous bodies are coming after you 24/7 and they always have perfect willingness... Pornography slowly creates a "brain makeover."


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