I'm often guilty of going too hard on myself…and if you've been in leadership of any form, I'm sure you can relate to that.  The theme for this LEGACY Resource is, "The Toughest Person to Forgive."   In my years as a leader, I've had to learn how to LEARN THE LESSON and FORGET THE DETAILS.  It's a tricky balance to learn the meat of what the Lord wants us to teach us when we mess up and not hang ourselves on the cross of our own personal accusation or condemnation.

I promise you, this is a big deal…so, spend some time and investigate some of this month's resources that correlate with the theme…"The Toughest Person to Forgive."



Sometimes it seems like the Enemy has a rented room in our minds. This message to a room full of 2,000 youth leaders...Jeanne teaches us how to recognize and deal with some of the rooms the Enemy likes to "rent" and take control of in our the rented rooms of Insecurity, Depression, Doubt, Guilt, What's the Use Anyway?, Fear and Self-Hatred. You might be surprised as Jeanne asks some candid questions to the leaders in the room and they share their honest answers.
Our imagination can hold us captive to our secret sins…I call them our "Counterfeit Love"… especially those sins of pornography, self-gratification and sexting. This story, "The Dragon of Imagination," is one that Jeanne has used in her teaching to help give a visual to these addictions that start out appearing to be harmless…until one day you wake up and realize that impact of these patterns are shaping your future life in heavy, serious ways.
Some pains and hurts from our past don't keep bothering us. We seek God's forgiveness, then forgive and forget. OTHER MEMORIES keep haunting for a long time with stingers of guilt, regret and resentment. But, by God's grace, total and unconditional forgiveness to YOURSELF and others stand available to every child of God.
Welcome to God's "Hall of Fame"! We can all feel like a loser more often than we care to admit. There's not one of us that doesn't go through seasons when we feel like our heads are getting kicked in. Whether it's because of fatigue, mind games, doubts, sin, or personal pain, I just wanted to remind you that this is completely normal. 


We all have some type of skeletons in our closet. Some may be little, some may be big. But the fact of the matter is, we have something that when we think about it, makes our heart sink and our stomach drop. Shame and embarrassment walk in and the memory of asking God to forgive us walks out. Sometimes the toughest person to forgive is ourselves.
If the Enemy can't mess you up spiritually by getting you NOT TO CARE about sin and compromise…he'll take you to the other extreme and get you to CARE TOO MUCH so that you beat yourself up…because you never keep doing for a long time what you keep feeling like you're a failure at.
Sadly enough, statistics say that at least 4% of the general population suffers from "this anorexia" more commonly known as "cutting." Though not all your students may deal with what counselors call "self-injury," chances are they know or will know someone who deals with this addictive disorder. In fact this resource will be powerfully helpful for you as you address all kinds of addictions.
The truth is with every thought that we allow to race through our own minds, we are continually REINVENTING and RESHAPING OURSELVES and OUR FUTURE. With principles taken from Tommy Newberry's 4:8 Principle, I’ve added some key Scriptures, a few thought-provoking monologues, and some inspiring stories, to help reveal some of the most common toxic thoughts we think, and help point us to a much greater, happier life, through a few simple practices.





Reflections on Christian Leadership

by Henri J. M. Nouwen

I had a pretty nasty accident around 6 years old attempting to learn how to ride a bike.  My parents never encouraged me to try again.  So, yet to this very day, I can't ride a bike!  (And no...I'm not up for learning now.  LOL)