This month's Legacy is a great one! I've entitled it, "The Fine Art of Spear Throwing" and it's based on a great book by Eugene Edwards called, A Tale of Three Kings. It's a short book I read almost every year and I can't recommend it highly enough to you. We all know King Saul, the "spear-throwing" king. We've all had spear-throwers in our own lives. People come after us for all different reasons. The Bible even promises that we would have spear-throwing enemies that come after us even without motive. Jesus tells us however, we don't have to be overwhelmed when the spear-throwers come, because He has overcome the world.

The book, and these resources, help you to answer the question, "What do you do when people throw spears at you?"

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Often the Enemy attempts to distract and derail us from our dreams and destiny using God's own people, who have no idea that they're allowing their flesh and carnality to be anointed for Hell's purposes. While these people end up "feeling" like the enemy, through our choices we can take what the real Enemy meant for harm and allow God to bring greatness out of it.
When someone says or does something that hurts us, our human nature is to hurt them back. Young David had to wrestle with the question, "What do you do when someone throws spears at you?" and so do we all.


There are very few books in my life that I read and re-read. This message is based on one of those books for me. Gene Edwards' Tale of Three Kings, which I think is a must read for anyone in ministry. It is one of those books that I read at least once a year.
In this Message, I'm walking through the stories of two biblical figures who made themselves scandals…Samson and the Prodigal Son. With the help of these two historical figures and Olivia Pope, the character from a tv series named SCANDAL.  I'm sharing on four areas that for all of us can become spiritual scandals. This is a must-hear resource!


In the New Testament, a trumpet being blown announced someone being raised from the dead. That's a big deal! Everyone loves God's Grace, but everyone that calls themselves a Christian needs some invisible tombstones in their lives where they've buried their own rights to boldly live the life that God has created them for. What's the dream in your heart to make a difference with your life? That doesn't mean you have to go preach, but that does mean you had better live it differently than 99% of the Christian world lives their Christianity.
This reading is adapted from a writing by G.D. Watson entitled, "The High Calling." As Christians, we are called to live by a higher set of standards than others in the world.


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