The fact that people may choose to FOLLOW YOU in life…is not necessarily an indicator that you DESERVE to be followed. There is a massive difference between “HAVING a following” and “being a person who is WORTH following.”

So that’s what we’re focusing on this month: The Crucible of your Character. My decades in full-time ministry have affirmed over and over that this topic is the “BIG ONE”… maybe not in society’s eyes, but emphatically so from God’s perspective.



“The fact that people are choosing to follow you is not necessarily an indication that you deserve to be followed.” Tough words to hear, aren’t they? While they might not “feel good,” five decades into youth ministry tell me that they are words that need to be spoken often. I’ve watched the “charisma” of too many leaders take them where their “character” couldn’t keep them. My heart’s desire is for you to rise up and take notice and not fall into the same trap. This VIDEO leadership mentoring may help you to do just that. 
Have the guts to be an individual with personal standards and convictions…even when you stand alone. Convictions are not always about what you don’t do…they’re also about what you do do. 
So often we hear character preached at us as being the “big deal” in our lives and ministries, but not very often are we told how to practically help our students increase in their own character and even more importantly how to grow personally in character. In this leadership resource, Jeanne shares 10 simple yet profoundly ignored principles in growing and teaching true character. 
Jeanne shares from her own humanness to call out to you from her quiet times in 1 Samuel. In doing so, let her help you avoid some of the same costly mistakes, speed bumps and sin she has encountered along the way. Prayerfully, her vulnerability in this leadership resource will enable you to catch small compromises long before they become “Deadly Detours In Youth Ministry.” 


It’s interesting that in the Greek, the same word that is used for “CHARACTER,” can be defined as “a statue.” We know that a statue is often made when it is pounded upon by the hands of a skillful sculptor. And so it is with us, our Heavenly Sculptor chips away parts of us that hide the image of Jesus Christ in our lives. 
Many people have big dreams, but their dreams are bigger than their character. Moses waited 80 years for the reality of entering the Promised Land to happen and Jesus waited 30 years to begin his ministry. The bigger the purpose God has for your life…the longer the preparation time will be. 
In this message, Jeanne challenged her students to consider the ultimate question in life…NOT, WHAT do you want to DO? But rather, WHO you want to BE? And then, choose their own “7 Words” that will someday define them…because…NOT to decide…is to decide. 
The primary highway Jeanne travels down in this message is one called “character”…choosing to do the right thing in those non-glamorous “bamboo pole moments.” Without a doubt, training students to “choose wisely” is one of the greatest gifts we can offer. For we are free up to the point of “choice,” but ultimately the “choice” controls the chooser! 




by Tom Peters

I’ve been eating “cabbage soup” every day for the past month trying to drop a few pounds that have snuck on. So far, my results are painfully disappointing.