This month's Legacy brings you STRAIGHT TALK from leadership legends, Craig Groeschel, Mark Batterson, Reggie Dabbs, and Choco DeJesus.  Their wisdom from years in the ministry trenches will both challenge and inspire you to be better leaders yourself.  


God wants to do more in you and through you than you can comprehend or think is possible. In this message Craig Groeschel gives leaders 5 suggestions to "break out of the lid" and increase their capacity. 
Mark Batterson explains that faith is a 2" domino. If you exercise it, there would be a domino effect that would be far bigger than you could possibly imagine. 
Abandoned by his mother, Reggie Dabbs understands what it's like to be rejected by hurtful words. But with faith he can look into the eyes of Satan and say, "it's all right," because he learned when challenges happen, it's not over because there's always hope. 
Choco DeJesus explains that when the sojourners in biblical times made their way to the temple in Jerusalem they traveled upward one step at a time. At each step, they paused and recited a Psalm, causing their focus to go upward to heaven. 
What you're dreaming of is almost laughable to God.  What He can do through you is immeasurable more than you can ask, think or imagine.  You will almost always overestimate what God can do through you in the short run, but you will almost always underestimate what God can do through you over a lifetime of faithfulness.  If you want to increase your influence, increase your capacity.
The Domino Effect states that a single domino can topple over a second domino 1.5 times it's the time you get to the 23rd domino you can topple a domino the size of the Effiel Tower.  Faith is a 2" domino that if you exercise it you will create a Domino Effect that will be far greater than anything you can possibly imagine.