I love the Olympics! Whether you're listening to these resources right after the Olympics or a long time after, we all love the sense of winning! But unfortunately, we in America, even as leaders, are competing in a sports category that seems to be a big deal in our culture these days...but not to Jesus.

I purposely called “sarcasm,” “SCAR-casm.”  I think that too many of us as leaders have become proficient in this sport...including me sometimes.  As you listen to this month's resources in LEGACY, see if you yourself can be somebody a little bit more aware, that even though humor seems to be a “god” in America these days, you don't have to rely on "SCAR-casm" to make you funny.

Remember, you don't have to be funny to be fun.



How do the Olympics connect with today's leaders? It seems like Sarcasm, or SCAR-casm, has almost become an Olympic sport. Humor is one of the most powerful "gods" of the 21st Century and Sarcasm is often considered fair play with humor. However, there is there is usually a hint of truth in the sarcastic remark that leaves a "SCAR" even if the person receiving the mark is outwardly laughing themselves. 
Sports captures a microcosm of life and often, the same dynamics that puts a winning sports team on the map, helps put a winning ministry team on the map.


Over the years, America's verbal sport of choice has become sarcasm. Even though no official trophy is awarded, you are declared a "winner" by making others feel like a fool. As you know, the participants in the sport are heralded as witty, smart and just plain funny. And strangely enough, the recipients have learned to laugh it all off, for that's much easier than revealing the hidden scars of rejection and insecurity left in the wake of the verbal lashing. 
Cutting down a basketball net is a tradition done by the winning team after winning a major game. In this message, I share with my students about cutting down our life nets...when we fight and work for something that seems so difficult to obtain. But, if we put in enough blood, sweat, and little becomes OBTAINABLE. 


How can you make a difference for Jesus Christ that will last?  Learn to live a life with "No Regrets."
When sarcastic comments come to your mind, remember to TASTE TOUR WORDS before you say them and TRADE UP to words of ENCOURAGEMENT.


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