“The right order is Master first, then mission, then mate.”

It’s February, and this month we are putting our focus on healthy relationships. With dating and intimacy being such an important topic in the lives of our students, it is easy to forget how we must stay diligent in our own lives as leaders to stay pure in our walk with God. It is my prayer that this month’s Legacy page provides you with resources that you can use to teach your students, but also valuable reminders for your own walk with God. Remember the order is Master first, then Mission, then Mate.



If you have followed Jeanne for very long, you've heard her say, "You will never understand today's youth and young adult culture until you see many of them through the filter of someone looking for a Dad." This month's VIDEO leadership mentoring goes to the heart of every youth pastor reaching out to a hurting generation. 
A letter Jeanne wrote to her husband after 24 years of marriage.
So often the relationships in your life that are the most precious, with the passing of time, become the most familiar. In this leadership audio coaching, Jeanne shares 10 things she learned to keep her marriage a healthy and fulfilling one while in the youth ministry trenches. Even if you’re not married, listening to this will help you understand the priorities of your leaders who are and help to prepare you for the day that you too may share your life and ministry with a spouse. 
The truth is, in today’s world more than ever, the enemy delights in the many opportunities he has to entice our sexual desires. In this audio coaching to leaders, Jeanne shares from over 5 decades of ministry experience as she unpacks one of the most important things we can discuss as leaders…whether we’re men or women…”Moral Purity in a Sex-Saturated World.” 


The popular reality tv programs, The Bachelorette, and The Bachelor are a pretty accurate picture of where many of our romantic relationships, “go south.” With a fun skit called, “The Bachelorette: Capitol Edition,” in this message to her youth group, Jeanne takes a look at the world’s view of dating and compares it with God’s design for lasting relationships and love. Jeanne often says, “DATING really is DRESS REHEARSAL for MARRIAGE.” 
Romance and marriage are not at all what Hollywood tries to make them.  
A “soul tie” is an emotional connection or bond with another person that unites us in a deep, very significant fashion. The relationship can, and usually does, drive what we think, feel, and desire. While not always wrong, negative ones that blur our spiritual vision can destroy us! I would go so far as to say that negative “soul ties” are one of the top reasons many of our teenagers walk away from their faith in Christ. In this message to her youth group, Jeanne pulls out all the stops by explaining multiple ways “SOUL TIES” are formed and 7 ways to break free from them. 
C. S. Lewis once said, “The only place to be free from the dangers of love is in hell.” How true that statement is, especially as it relates to today’s youth culture in its painful search for love and belonging. In this message to her youth group, Jeanne tries to give some pragmatic specifics in this challenging arena and “de-mystify” love to be a matter of CHOICE rather than HORMONES. 




by Angela Duckworth

Jeanne’s favorite TV show is Madam President! (Used to be called Madam Secretary). Her sons recommended it because they said there were fun personality parallels between her and the main character.