The title of this month's Leagacy is meant to be a little provacative. I call it, "One of Christianity's Most Ignored Messages." After more than 50 years in the ministry, what do I think that is? I think it's authentic biblical encouragment. Encouragement is not "kissing up" to somebody, flattery, or manipulation. The word used in the Bible means to "exhort" one another, or "put courage" into one another. In one of my leadership coachings this month, I talk about how I've stayed in ministry for over 50 amazing years and still going. I share how to do it long-haul ... because you aren't going to have a million encourages or cheerleaders.

Thanks for letting me be a coach in your life ... not because I'm important, but because your desire to grow makes you different from 99% of all the leaders in America.

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In this Leadership Coaching, Jeanne outlines 9 key things she learned on the journey that have kept her focused on the Lord and fighting for people throughout the years. As D. L. Moody said, "My greatest fear is NOT that I might FAIL...but that I might SUCCEED at something that does not MATTER." 
In this Leadership Coaching, Jeanne focuses on the vital area of affirmation. It's a crucial topic that impacts every area of your ministry... from discipleship to volunteer mobilization.


Even though, as Christians, we would all like to think that we are encouragers, the truth is, we are mostly complainers. We are called to take care of each other, to be friendly and hospitable, but how well are we really fulfilling this calling?
Don't you ever feel sorry for "the elder brother" in the prodigal son account? He stayed faithfully working in his father's house when his rebellious younger brother left home and caused all the stink. What was the elder brother's big issue? He just had to deal with feeling forgotten and lost in the crowd.


Along the run, people would tell you what they remember is that Jeanne was a decent encourager. If you're shopping for a ministry, that wouldn't be a half bad one.
If you want to change your life, start practicing today, what you are believing for tomorrow.


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