A bunch of us have been watching recently the riveting ESPN documentary about Michael Jordan, “The Last Dance.” It’s insightful from not only a sports perspective but a leadership one. Jordan talks often about the importance of an “in-your-face offense.” And that’s what this month’s LEGACY is focused on.

We’re calling it “ON THE OFFENSIVE.” Our NEW Message Resource this month, “Is There Not A Cause?” focuses on that offensive battle. Engage in the resources and remind yourself of the exciting truth: WE WIN!



Joe Newton was a high school track coach for 57 winning years in Elmhurst, Illinois. He was the only high school cross country coach that has had the honor to be on the US Olympic track staff. What was his secret? He said, “True success in any arena comes from inspiring ORDINARY people to work hard at becoming EXTRAORDINARY.” In this VIDEO leadership mentoring, you will see Jeanne sharing with a group of Youth Leaders as she applies Coach Newton’s Law, and some practical pragmatics, for coaching a winning youth ministry.
Most people have never heard of the woman hidden in a few verses in 2 Samuel 21, called Rizpah. Who was Rizpah? She was the loving mother who fought for months chasing away the predators from her sons, until she got the attention of the king. Who are you fighting for?
There is really very little correlation between spiritual success and ministry success. Too often, talent becomes a remarkable substitute for character and spiritual passion. In ministry it is too easy to know “things” and not know “God.” With ease, we can bluff our way through and, unfortunately, more than likely nobody will catch us. In this leadership mentoring, Jeanne shares tips she’s learned through her five decades in ministry that will help to fan your “spiritual passion” and keep you from becoming a “spiritual poser.” 
LeBron James is one of the most respected men in the history of basketball. Who are the “LeBron James’” in our ministry world? They are people who have an immense level of leadership, influence or giftedness that we are tasked with leading for a season. Our goal in leading them should be to make them the VERY BEST THEY CAN BE within the time we are trusted to lead them. In this leadership mentoring, Jeanne shares some pragmatics on how to effectively lead these influential leaders.


When David’s brothers challenged him for wanting to fight Goliath, he responded with the words, “Is there not a cause?” Jeanne challenges her students in this message to be a person who says, “I WANT A CAUSE for my life!” She takes a look at the Lord’s soldier, Gideon, who won his battle, with only a few men and some simple weapons. Though he was out manned by the enemy, he had the LORD on his side! 
It never fails, right after we make some significant spiritual progress, the enemy comes to knock on the walls of our minds. Jeanne reminds us that you and Jesus will ALWAYS WIN…if you don’t give up! 
Have you ever seen the Rocky movies? These movies show us how hard it is to be a CHAMPION, but the focus of the Word of God is not so much that we all be CHAMPIONS…but that we all be CONTENDERS. It’s not always EASY staying in the fight. But Philippians 3:14 reminds us to, “PRESS ON and reach the end goal.” In this message based on the movie, Creed, Jeanne encourages students to KEEP FIGHTING the battles of life that can easily cause us to “throw in the towel.” 
How do you hold onto spiritual mileage after a big event? I mean, it’s one thing to pray and think you’ve made spiritual progress after a good service or a powerful retreat. But how do you hold onto that progress…and keep growing? In this message, Jeanne teaches about the battling mind games that we all often face after we’ve made some substantial spiritual gains in our lives. In these times, our thoughts are just something we feel like we can never get away from, never ESCAPE and the landlord of our minds is a JERK. We just need to remind the enemy that we have a NEW LANDLORD. His name is Jesus Christ. 






by Mark Sayers

My favorite “COVID-Snack” is Strawberry Twizzlers and blueberries. If you make it out of this quarantine season without any slight weight gain, you are better than most of us!