Welcome to this month's LEGACY.  I call it, "Musings From Your Future Casket." That's code language for re-evaluating destiny and how you intentionally shape your life purpose. What are they going to say one day...about you as a Christ follower, you as a family person, and you as a your funeral?

Often, we talk about destiny and throw the term around loosely, but so few of us are intentional as to how we create our own destiny. So welcome to LEGACY this month!  Listen in to what my heart has to share with you.




An issue from the Harvard Business Review, one of the most prestigious management and business periodicals published in the 21 Century, published an article called, "How Will You Measure Your Life?" The parallels to God's Word jumped out to me.  Let me share them with you.
Many people have a "Field of Dreams" they would like to build; unfortunately, countless abandon it when negative situations or tough times come their way.


We all long to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to make our lives count for something that really matters. But far too often it seems that we aren't sure how to FIGHT. We aren't sure how to push past all of the things that come along with fighting for our loneliness, compromise, and giving up too easily.
The reality is, how each of us choose to spend our time, will ultimately create how each of us choose to spend our life. However, it's all too easy to let our primary focus be inward, thinking of our own personal rights, to ever truly seize the day. But to be able to truly change my behavior, I must first change my perspective. 


DESTINY is not something you hope for, it's something you FIGHT for.  
It's not what you do that makes your life sacred, it's why you do it. So, DREAM like you'll live FOREVER, but LIVE like you'll DIE TOMORROW. Go find a PURPOSE to DIE FOR...and then go live for it.


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