I've said for many years, "You will never really understand today's young adult and youth culture...until you see them through the lens of someone looking for a father." If I had to point at one of the top five things I wold want to communicate to all of us as leaders, whether your leading young adults, youth, children, doesn't matter, I would say to you, "communicating the Father heart of God is the biggest need in our world today."

So, whether you communicate as a "Father," "Mother," "Big Brother," or "Big Sister," take time to listen to these resources, even if you don't happen to use them, because this is something that's been huge in my own life that I've tried to give away as best as I could, and I want it to be huge in yours.




Unfortunately, we live in a society of broken families. Instead of being surrounded with unconditional love and acceptance, teenagers often face homes devastated by divorce and absent parents, or houses filled with arguments and discord. With such shattered trust in today's youth, there has never been a greater need to be more than just a spiritual leader, but rather, a spiritual parent.
While there are a lot of great ministry communicators and ministry CEO's out there, the decades have taught me that it's not been my communication skills or the size of my ministry that people I've impacted reference, but "how the Jesus Christ inside of me made them feel" as I became an adopted "big sis" or "spiritual mom.


The majority of our students, and even many of us, have a wound that we received from our earthly father. Even many students that may seem to have a "perfect" family life have things that they have buried deep inside of them. Through some personal sharing, some memorable stories, and key impacting Scriptures, this Message allows students to hear how they are ACCEPTED by their Heavenly Father, regardless of what they have experienced here on Earth.
Whether or not you liked him or his music, the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, hit the world hard. His life was not only marked by incredible amounts of fame, but was rocked with turmoil as well. As his life story was retold in the headlines, the glaring evidence of two open wounds seemed to have drained the life right out of him...the wounds resulting from his father's lack of approval and his secret sin. No plastic surgery or prescription drug could mask Michael's pain.


You'll never understand this youth and young adult culter, until you see them through the lens of children...teenagers...young adults...longing for a father. Men, you're a powerful extension of the Father...Big Brother Heart of God. You are especially powerful when you go out of your way to be especially kind to somone younger, to make people feel included, and make them feel like they're in a safe place.
Resign your position as a ministry leader today.  Because the people you are leading don't care how you preach, they don't care how cool you think yu are and they don't even really care about your jokes.  Resign and five minutes later sign back up to be a Spiritual Father, Mother, Big Borther or Big Sister.  Because what the people they are leading really need is for their pastors to lay their lives down to love a few people authentically, do some things that are inconvenient, listen when they don't want to listen, care about the things that matter to them.  They need someone to create a Spiritual Family for them.


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