This month's Legacy is on a ground zero topic that makes the heart of heaven smile. I've called it, "JESUS: Social Media Follower or Authentic Friend?" With so many Christians trying to water-down the Gospel of the New Testament, it's a good time to look into the Word and remind ourselves of what Jesus has called us to. Though it doesn't sound "nice" or "socially warm" to say, "Jesus calls us to pick up our cross and follow Him. To make Him, not just a piece of our life, but to give Him the whole thing"... Often, the satisfaction or fulfillment of our Christianity is lacking because we aren't giving Him our whole self and playing by the key principles He's laid out.

Enjoy all the resources this month. You'll especially love the message from my heart, taken from over 5 decades in ministry, sharing with you as a leader on what it means to be a real authentic shepherd or shepherdess.




In our desire for church growth, it seems that more and more leaders are falling into the category of "CEO," and have forgotten their call to be the "shepherds" of God's people. Though it's true that both are important in leading a church, Scripture and Jesus' example show us that fulfilling the role of a "true shepherd" is of the highest priority.
The focus of our time together in this mentoring answers one of ministry's greatest questions: "How do I help motivate the people in my ministry and my leaders to pursue continued spiritual and personal growth?"


For many, there is a little unspoken competition going on with Facebook. The battle of the numbers! Who has the most "friends"... I believe many of us would exchange our countless Facebook "friends" for one truly authentic, "best" friend.
In this Message, "The Ultimate Pursuit," I'm talking about how to chase after the heart of God. No matter the circumstance or what He asks of us, we choose to chase after the Lord wholeheartedly. After all, the proof of DESIRE really is in the PURSUIT.


Do you know God's Character well enough that you can readily say, "Yes!" to whatever He asks of you?
The best way to learn the "Character of God" is by making your own "Character of God Notebook." Jeanne gets you started with some simple steps. Download "A FEW SUGGESTED PRAGMATICS TO JUMP-START YOUR "CHARACTER OF GOD NOTEBOOK."


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Below are some of our CLASSIC RESOURCES that go with this month's LEGACY topic.