It’s both ironic and providential that this would be our theme in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re talking about the painful emotions that are often met with TRT (“typical religious talk”) in Christian circles.

So we unpack things like anxiety, depression, loneliness, and more…all in a practical attempt to help our students and young adults be able to handle them more confidently in their day to day lives.


video resource

If you are over 30, you probably remember exactly where you were on September 11, 2001 when terrorists flew into New York’s Twin Towers. Jeanne Mayo not only remembers where she was, but she remembers leading her youth group through this time. The Bible exhorts us to be leaders who know “the time and the seasons.” In this VIDEO leadership mentoring, Jeanne unpacks some things to keep in mind during this season about your leadership style and perosona. 
When you go through life's challenges, remind yourself, God is holding you with His victorious right hand!  You are the apple of His eye...He has redeemed are the apple of His eye!
There are Godly purposes and responses to our desert times and in this mentoring resource, you’ll discover them. For often times, the Lord speaks the loudest while in the desert. And, as long as we learn to listen with a different set of ears, the experience and growth can be profound. 
Oftentimes we can’t even put our finger on what is “amiss,” we just know that it is and feel its resulting sense of helplessness and paralysis. In this mentoring resource, Jeanne taps into the wisdom of spiritual giants like David, Joni Eareckson Tada, Calvin Coolidge, John Wesley and Chuck Swindoll, who all seem to have wrestled with, discovered, and ultimately embraced “The Power of Helplessness.” 


At some point in our lives, every one of us feel lonely and rejected… especially today’s youth. In this message to her students, Jeanne looks at the causes of loneliness and rejection and more importantly, how to take these crippling emotions and turn them into “aloneness” which leads us to the heart of God. 
You may be sad, lonely, depressed, all these other things, but get a grip. Choose to hope in God. Choose to put a smile on your face when you don’t feel like it. I make my will talk to my emotions and right choices eventually bring right emotions.
Deep hurt in life is often hard to talk about. We all know that pain makes us stronger…and that’s great…but that doesn’t always make it ok and often can leave us wondering, “Where were You, God?” In this message, Jeanne challenges her students not to have an “If only things had been different” mindset, but choose instead to live “Even if…” lives. Even if I don’t understand, the Christ inside of me is big enough to see me through. Even if I don’t get it, I will follow Him. 
Insecurity is like climbing invisible ladders trying to reach invisible goals to make us feel higher, bigger, and above all the other people around us. With a fun skit, some key Scriptures and a thought-provoking poem, Jeanne helps her students see that they can deal with their “IN Security” by flipping the words around and finding their “Security IN” Jesus! 




by John Mark Comer

People ask Jeanne often about what some of her hidden talents are. So let us give you one. She thinks she has the gift of matchmaking! We’re not sure it’s in the Bible but she is very certain the Lord gave it to her. LOL.