"Cow Manure..." It's an interesting title, isn't it? Every time I share this message, people have an easy connection with it. I'm talking about how you deal with some of the junk in your life. We might know it as our "dark side" or as leaders we often refer to it as our "shadow side" of leadership. In other words, how do you deal with sin and make a comeback?

None of us are perfect. I often say, "God's not interested in perfection, but direction." These resources are designed to help you get pointed in the right direction.




Statistics tell us that over a thousand ministers leave full-time ministry every single month! There are a million reasons for that, but a huge answer is found in this issue of us having a "shadow side" that if not recognized can get the best of us, pretty much taking us out of the game.
I've learned that there are a lot of great starters in ministry, but sadly, not many finishers. The daily relational and pragmatic challenges in ministry can seem overwhelming unless you intentionally make choices to keep your ministry fresh and avoid the "Deadly Seven."


"Cow Manure!" Very odd message title, don't you think? But, dealing with repeated sin patterns in our lives feels a little like cow manure. The question is, How do you get to the point of refusing to "step into it" again? Strangely enough, the answer lies in the word "hate."
I think one of the most challenging mistakes we often make in ministry is that we call people to "be" and "do," but we don't stop along the journey to give them "handles" on how to get there. It's great to know that you are called to be holy, but how do you do that? How do you respond when temptation is staring you in the face?


Where people don't have purpose, they cast off restraint and they give in to temptation. Just know, Satan always reserves the right to bill you for your unrepentant his most opportune moment.
In a world of compromises, dare to have some absolutes. Too often we try to blend in with society.  You will never change the world as long as you're like it.


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