In a world of people that talk about dreaming and risk taking, I'm not sure we do near enough of all the hard work and discipline it takes to make some of those dreams eventually come to life, especially In the church world. Make sure that you watch the leadership video, called, "The Church's Frightening Kodak Moment." In it, I talk about the fall of Kodak. As I share the stoy, you'll see it gives strong principles to all of us, as Christ followers and in our own individual lives, our family, business, or ministry, and what happens when we don't gut it up enough to dream.

So welcome to this month's Legacy. I hope you enjoy these resources and I pray you'll be the gutsy person that has enough courage to think, draw, counsel, pray, and then pull the trigger.




In this leadership resource Jeanne shares a fascinating parallel between the fall of Kodak and some strangely similar trends now occurring in the 21st Century church. Even more strategic, are some simple steps that individual churches can take to reverse the stagnating spiral. The warning signs and the research-based suggestions are incredibly challenging and thought-provoking.
What is the ONE THING that will be the focus of my life? It needs to be more than just your relationship with Jesus and prioritizing your family. And remember, DESTINY is not a matter of TALENT or ABILITY...but DESTINY is more a matter of INTENTIONALITY, CHOICE and the courage to keep PAYING THE PRICES.


It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and instead of working our schedules; our schedules begin to work us. Between family, work, problems with money, and problems with colleagues, it seems so easy to forget what we are fighting for. Dreams seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but a dream that is truly fought for, a dream that is made into a reality, is rare.
In this Message, I'm sharing on 3 life-giving biblical truths from the movie Interstellar that I believe can revolutionize our walk with Christ if we grab ahold of them. Listen in to this illustrated message as we talk about prioritizing relationships, God's love for us, and doing something with our lives that may seem impossible, but necessary!


What's the dream in your heart to make a difference with your life? That doesn't mean you have to go preach, but that does mean you had better live it differently than 99% of the Christian world lives their Christianity.
Winston Churchhill once said, "History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it." How are you doing at finding the cause that you want to lay your life on the line for? What are you doing, by the grace of God, to write your own history?


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