How do we live the life Christ called us to live in a world that is getting increasingly "CONTAMINATED"?  This month's Legacy gives us wisdom from Sy Rogers, who spent decades encouraging people to pursue faith in "the darkest corners" speaking around the world about God and sexuality.  Robert Madu explains how he was set free from his that many people, especially in leadership struggle with...the addiction for approval.  David Perkins tells us that if you want to have a culture in your ministry of passionate prayer, it has to start with you.


Sy Rogers often says, "The miracle is not that I got saved out of a particular ditch of sexual sin...rather, it's that I've walked on with God for 35 years!" 
An addiction by definition is the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice, or to something that is psychologically or physically habit forming. Something that controls people.  In this teaching, Robert Madu confesses his addiction and how he broke free from it.
Have you ever looked around at your students in worship and wondered if they really believed the words they were singing? Martin Luther is known to have said, "Christians don't tell lies, they sing them." 
In this teaching, Pastor Sy Rogers shares insights from his decades of pastoral care and personal experience. He includes three complaints leveled against Christian workers and nine reasons why you will be at risk for sexual struggle.