Whether you’re in the middle of a transition now or will be given a “crash course” in the next ten years on the topic, transitions are a part of life. For every calling we embrace, there will eventually be a corresponding calling to release. So let’s talk about how to change seasons SUCCESSFULLY.

Whether it's a small transition or a big one...and I have had the privilege in my leadership journey to experince them all...listen in as I unpack some of the lessons I've learned in those transition times. Some of these lessons, I learned the hard way.




We all face seasons and changes in our lives. We move from high school, to college, to our first job, then a new job, or move to a new state; transition is no stranger in our lives. But how do you do it well?
I love the Emerson quote, "The years will teach you what the days will never know." In this leadership coaching I am going to take you on a journey with me through my years in ministry in an effort to stretch you and help you avoid potential pitfalls.


In this Message, you'll hear seven principles of how to spiritually survive during seasons of change. It is a dynamic high impact night that you are going to want to use with your group soon!
Most old wineskins are rigid and have A LOT OF RUTS. They are very brittle and easily broken when bumped. Not easily stretched, and usually have small cracks somewhere on the inside. Does that describe some of you? Or someone in your ministry?


When you feel God is calling you to transition, ask yourself, "Are you seeking God's HAND or His FACE?"
Just because you call yourself a Christian doesn't mean the Fruit of the Spirit is hanging off your life. Fruit is grown and usually with a bunch of manure on top of it.


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