What is holding you back from living out the life that God has for you?  This month's Legacy brings wisdom from Christine Caine, Robert Madu, Heath Adamson, and Jon Catron on how to recognize and BLAST THROUGH the barriers that may be keeping you from living God's calling in your life to the fullest.


In this message Christine Caine teaches that if you don't understand the difference between NEXT and NEW you are going to miss it in Christianity.  God doesn't do NEXT...God does a NEW thing in the lives of His children.  Some people are so obsessed with becoming the NEXT of someone else that they'll never become the NEW person that God wants them to be.
Robert Madu shares that if you continue to compare yourself with the person running their race in the lane next to'll never run the race that God has for you.  Pride and envy are conceived in the womb of comparison.  So, get in your lane...get on your mark...and run the race that God has set exclusively for you.
Our life is not the sum total of our experiences.  Our life is the sum total of the moments that we steward.  Moses knew God had called him to free the Israelites from slavery, yet he failed miserably when he tried to do it on his own.  He had to wait 40 years until he had an unannounced moment with God that taught him that "the bush always burns and the ground is always sacred" and only through God's design can His plans succeed.  Listen as Heath Adamson share this message called, "Stewarding Moments."
In this message to youth pastors called, "Family Based Youth Ministry:  Partnering With Parents," Jon Catron shares the importance of having parents on your team in youth ministry.  The truth is, the #1 reason that a student will keep their faith after they leave your youth ministry has nothing to do with will be the influence of their parents.  Listen to some pragmatic was that you can involve parents in your ministry...even if they aren't Christians.
This generation is obsessed with themselves.  Just like a picture that we take in an instant and upload it to our Social Media feed...we live in a generation that thinks that God works out our destiny like an "instant snap and upload."  However, God doesn't care how many "likes" we get.  He wants to take us through a darkroom and put us through a series of processes to make us more like Him.
It was the providence of God that drove Moses into the desert.  For 40 years, God slowed Moses' life down enough so that when He appeared to him in a burning bush on the Mountain, he was able to steward the moment and fulfill God's destiny on his life by listening to God's plan for setting His people free.