What an important and really relvant topic for this month's Legacy! "Black And White In A Gray World" defines many of us and our attitudes, standards, and so much more in today's worldly culture. Be sure to listen to the teaching called, "The Gray Zone." I was speaking with a group of high school and college students, but the same principles apply no matter who your audience is. They're great, simple guidelines for figuring out where you should land when you are having to make a "Gray" decision. You know, when the Word of God says, "workout your own salvation with fear and trembling." and then you have to make a choice.

I've also included a video leadership coaching called, "Are You A Leader Of Power Or Authority" outlining some of the traps the Enemy will use on you as a leader, to pull you into a Gray Zone and away from the heart of the Lord. So hear my heart and experience learned from over 50 years in the ministry trenches speaking to you through this month's Legacy Resources.




The war raging within you and me that, if we're not careful, can go unchecked is the war between power and true biblical authority. We are especially susceptible when we experience any measure of success. We can sometimes misinterpret that success as divine approval for all of our motives.
I am not sure there is a biblical skill set more vital for your future fulfillment, peace, and destiny than this topic. What skill set could possibly rank that high in importance? The sensitive one too few are willing to address for fear of being misinterpreted, but too important not to...mastering the principles of biblical authority and submission.


"The Gray Zone" - It's a place that many of the teenagers in your youth ministry probably spend more time than you wish. What is it? It's the unspoken territory where convictions and standards are neither clearly "wrong" nor "right," neither clearly "black" or "white;" just a confusing "gray."
So often we focus on the encouragement and love of Christ, which is key and very needed. But there are those nights when we call our audience to a deeper level of commitment, Christian or not. This was one of those nights and it was a powerful night of self-evaluation for us all.


The fact that people choose to follow you in your church is not necessarily a indicator that you deserve to be followed. Remember, what you allow in your own life in moderation gives liberty to other people who follow you to do in excess.
Some of us have gotten so wrapped up in ministry that we have forgotten why we started in the first place. Jesus wants to love some of us back to an even sweeter place in our walk with Him today than the day we first fell in love with Him.


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