We all have heard about "BLACK HOLES."  You know, that scary place in outer space where you can get "sucked in" and never heard from again.  I think the BLACK HOLE for most of us however, is "TEMPTATION," and that's what this month's Legacy is all about.  

Lot's of times in the church world, we're better at hyping people up, than equipping them to actually fight the battles of temptation.  So the goal of this Legacy, is to help you know and how to communicate to those around you, how to avoid the black hole... temptation... and come out on the other side.  Thankfully God never consults our past to create or future, so we can help people create different futures, because God's not after "PERFECTION," but He's after "DIRECTION."




I think all of us enter ministry with high expectations and some UNREALISTIC ones. It's easy to become disillusioned when ministry doesn't work out the way we envisioned it.
Reginald III, who was quite overweight was imprisoned in a room with no bars...but a small door. All he had to do was to deny himself, lose some weight and walk out the door.
We can all indicate areas where we are more VULNERABLE to moral failure due to certain patterns, tendencies, or personality leanings in our own lives. It behooves us to "put guard rails" around these areas.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that we are living in a pleasure-driven culture. While pleasure is not all bad, chasing after it in the pursuit of "true" happiness will only leave us empty. True happiness comes from living a life with Jesus at its very center, with His passion and purpose flowing out of it.


Ever been discouraged because the people you're ministering to kept falling back into some of the same temptation areas? I know I sure have been.
If you want to catch a monkey, put something he wants in a gourd with an opening small enough to put his hand in...but not take it out with "his prize."  He will then be easy to catch, because he will stubbornly refuse to let go. What are you hungry for?
When someone says, "seduction," it brings romantic pictures to our minds. But there is a kind of spiritual seduction that can cost us eternity.
The most powerful weapon against the Enemy's invisible world will ALWAYS BE THE WORD OF GOD. So in this Message, "I Talk Back To The Devil," I'm intentionally coming after teaching our students the power of Scripture as they deal with temptation, guilt, a lack of faith, and tough times.