The theme for this month’s LEGACY resources is “Are You A Jesus-AND-Person?”  Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it?  But as Christian leaders, most of us embrace this belief system almost subconsciously.  
We all know that our relationship with Christ comes by faith and His grace.  But with the pressure of the leadership trenches, it’s easy to build our inward confidence around Jesus AND…pick your poison!  It can be Jesus AND our ministry success…or Jesus AND our acclaim and notoriety…or Jesus AND our sinless track record in a certain arena…or whatever.  In short, it’s easy as a Christian leader to make the Gospel a disappointing counterfeit by our “add on’s.”  How do I know?  Because I’ve personally allowed it to happen in my own life more often than I want to admit.
So dive into this month’s LEGACY resources and know how grateful we are that you allow us to be in your life.  Words grow cheap.  But we sincerely consider it a TRUE HONOR.



I think many of us can buy into...almost unconsciously...what I call a "Jesus AND" faith. In this leadership coaching, I challenge you to answer some life-altering questions as you consider is Jesus really #1 in your life?
In a world of half-heartedness...dare to have some absolutes.  How do you cultivate absolutes?  Go find some causes within your Christianity that are worth dying for and go live for them.  What do you believe in deeply enough that you are letting it cost you?  Because it's true that the man who stands for NOTHING will fall for ANYTHING!
I often hear youth pastors say to me... "If people really knew how infrequent and lame my own personal devotional life is, I would be kicked out of the ministry! (at least, I SHOULD be.)" ...OR... "NUMBERS seem the be the big deal to my pastor...and true intimacy with Christ is rarely (if ever) focused on from a leadership perspective. What gets rewarded at our church is numbers and platform performance." ...OR... "I often feel very FROZEN and distant from the Lord...but no one seems to notice or even care."
We all deal with this battle every day. We are faced with little choices that challenge our character and question our authenticity. It is so easy to focus on our "public self" before we deal with private self-issues. Listen to this leadership coaching, as we evaluate Image Management vs Authentic Living.


For everything good Jesus gives us there's a Counterfeit… a fraudulent imitation that seeks to deceive, devalue and destroy. We all internally crave... affirmation, acceptance, and attention. And if we don’t allow Christ’s CRAZY LOVE to be at the center of those needs, we open ourselves up to COUNTERFEIT FORMS OF LOVE... that will always disappoint us, wound us, and ultimately put us in bondage.
Creating the disease to please, we all internally crave three things: Affirmation, Acceptance & Attention.  If we don't let Christ's love be at the center of those needs, we will form counterfeits that will disappoint, wound and let us down…ultimately putting us in bondage to those needs. 
In a society that would rather just believe, we want to encourage our students to come under Christ's Lordship, an end of life on our own terms. This message includes some great visual illustrations to help your students understand that without total commitment the cross has no value. 
"Spiritual Schizophrenia" is an illness where you struggle making your "spiritual world" match your "everyday world." While the Enemy would love for you to think it's a fatal disease, it's not. There is hope. The game is not over. Together, let's uncover the symptoms, causes and cure for this dreaded disease.






by Martin Seligman, Ph.D

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