Thanks for your desire to grow and be the best you can be for the Kingdom! This Legacy is called, "A Call For Some New Heroes." Don't we all recognize the need for some people to decide to pay the prices to become what the Kingdom of God would call a genuine hero? I don't mean by money or prominence or body count ... but by what God considers the stuff heroes are made of ... obedience.

You'll love these resources about some of the finest heroes called by God. By looking at their lives, hopefully we will develop the character to become heroes in the eyes of some of those we are called to serve.




Without argument, Billy Graham was the most impacting spiritual hero of the 20th Century and he did what very few leaders in any circle has been able to do ... He never made compromises to make his life be something less than what he called other people to be. 
Next to George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln is consistently ranked by scholars and the public as one of the top three greatest presidents. So obviously, Abraham Lincoln has much to teach us on leadership. 


Deceased Christopher Reeves (former Superman) who lived his final years in a wheelchair, said it well, "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." 
Everyone wants to be a hero. Don't you? In this Message, we speak to that desire. Through skits, stories and the Bible, we laugh, cry and reveal what it takes to be God's kind of hero, not a seasonal hit, but an eternal one. 


Death to myself, with how I spend my time ... like how much tv I watch, how I spend my money ... whatever it is, death in me will always produce love and life in them.
The blessings of God are free, but they're not cheap. I want to live such a surrendered life to Him that when I die, I'll skid into Heaven and say, "That was awesome!"


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