This month's resources are on The Battle Behind Closed Doors but unfortunately, the doors aren't very closed anymore. Every time I read a set of statistics, I know the next time, a month or so later, the statistics will be even higher. Porn used to be a challenge for mostly men, but certainly it's not that way now. The last time I read, about 70% of women also struggle in this area. I've come to have a deep awareness that it's so common because the internet makes it painfully easy to look at anything you want.

It's not an easy battle to crawl out of, but you can. In the words of somebody I love who struggled with this, "There are so many black holes and tunnels that this can lead you into." That's the reason for these resources. To give those in this struggle some hope.




7 points on helping someone navigate the world of same-sex attraction. In a church world who often has two extremes on this topic, we must choose to walk with love, grace and mercy in this area.
Though most people will eventually become like their leaders, not all discipleship is biblically transformational. Rather, it is easy for people to be informed, but not transformed.


While the awareness of what's going on internally brings understanding, it's only half the battle. In this Message, people living with this challenge shared what they wish someone had said to them earlier.
Often the people that are struggling with their sexuality feel as though they would be condemned from the church and would not want to be open about it. This Message shares how to speak on such a sensitive matter in a Christ-honoring way that leaves people with a sense of hope.


This is a poem Jeanne wrote to Jesus after a major romantic break-up in her life.
 Just because you have some vivid fantasies, or you've already compromised in an area, doesn't mean that's who you are. But if the Enemy can make you afraid that you "might be" he can lock you in that fear.


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