This Legacy is one of my favorite topics because it's the one that I think all of us, whether in full-time ministry or part-time, fight more than anything else. It's the battle to keep our own freshness, intimacy, and commitment to the Lord where we want it to be. We all understand that nobody has a "touchy-feely" relationship all the time with Him. But I often find that I can easily make Him a second-class citizen in my life when I let the business or other pressures continue day after day, week after week, only giving Him the leftovers.

This topic is simple, but powerful and as you’ve heard me say so many times, "I am determined to finish the race with the wind in my face" as a "real Christian."

How about you?




I don't know much about professional racing. But one obvious thing stands out: No one wins the race without making regular pit stops. Those pauses allow for refueling and the necessary mechanical adjustments to keep going long haul.
In a study of individuals in full-time ministry they found that after 10 years, an average of only 2 out of 10 remain "in the trenches." But what's the "bottom line" reason for this tragic statistic? My answer is so simple that it is agonizingly easy to discount and gloss over.


In the church world, I think we "motivate" well toward growing closer to Christ, but we sometimes don't "lead" well when we fail to give students pragmatic steps for success.
Romance can be a TRICKY thing! As Christians, it's sometimes painfully easy to "play both sides" spiritually (kind of like flirting with two loves at the same time).


Most pastors are good in their circles motivating people, but not very good at discipling or being discipled themselves. But if you let the Word of God reach in to wrap around your mind and sink into your spirit, there are some odds you will be changed. Aren't you sick of being challenged? Don't you want your life to be changed?
Have you ever "Stood Jesus Up" when you meant to spend some quality time with Him? The truth is, it's not a matter that there are 1,000,000 times you've read the Word of God and felt like you weren't getting anything out of it. It's just letting Him know that you care enough to keep doing it, whether there are feelings or not.


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