I've call this month's Legacy Resources, "Mishmash Romance." What's Mishmash mean? You know, throwing a bunch of stuff together and making what I call "gunk." That may not be a very scientific way to define it, but I think we all get it because sometimes our romantic life can become "Mishmash"...just a bunch of relationship choices and mental mind games that can get pretty messy if we don't choose to intentionally deal with it. This is one of the biggest areas of vulnerability both emotionally as well as physically that anyone you minister to will ever have...including yourself.

So, enjoy these resources on a subject that can easily become a "mishmash" for all of us if we don't intentionally put up some guardrails.




I'm a little older than I care to admit, yet I laugh at how, when I travel, that there's so many people quietly trying to match me up with someone now that my husband and hero, Sam, has been in heaven for four years. So, it makes me think that this topic of romance stays revelant, no matter what your age is.
Through the years in youth ministry, I've repeatedly heard girls bemoan some of the same issues with men in the leadership trenches. This is especially true of ladies who work on the team of a male pastor. So I had some fun and decided to create this Coaching Resource around 25 of those most repeated themes.


The goal of this Message is to call people to a standard that is a more reasonably paced approach to romance. Often, in our culture, we rush ahead too quickly in this area - moving from one stage to the next way, way too fast! My challenge is, "Let's slow things down!" 
Everyone has a lot to say about romance, don't they? Especially our society and "role models" high in the entertainment industry. In this Message, we'll take a look into the personal lives of two people that have a pretty high standing in the music and sports worlds...Taylor Swift and Tiger Woods.


Your brain will always be your most important sex organ. That's why Scripture tells us to bring into captivity every thought that does not line up obediently with the Word of God.  In other words, own your thought life.
Real romance isn't what we see in the movies. When we think it is, we put pictures and feelings into our heart that are built on an unrealistic flat screen world that no real person can ever live up to.


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