This month's Legacy is one that I think we can all relate to in today's culture. I'm calling it, "How to Let Anger Ruin Your Life." I often tell people now that I think we live in what I call, "The Age Of Rage." I wish that weren't true, but I think it is. After living lots of wonderful decades, I'm not sure I've seen the anger level ever before where it is in our culture today and that's not just bullying among young people, but adults too. We call it different things, like "criticizing" or "prayer requests" or maybe even "cancel culture" but we see it all throughout our culture.

So, listen in as we explore this very important topic.




In today's schools, I don't think we have a bullying problem, but a respect problem.
One of the frequent questions I'm asked in ministry is, "How do you know when to quit?" It's not a question easily answered. However, in this leadership coaching, we gain wisdom and insight from Seth Godin's book, The Dip.


We all deal with it in different ways; however, we all know how it feels to get ticked. While not all anger is bad, misdirected anger can ruin your life.
Often, it stays masked behind facades of pride, sarcasm, or quietness, insecurity is a controlling factor that teenagers in your church deal with almost every hour of their lives. 


When you are in the midst of some pretty rotten things just remember, "what you feel you can heal and what you write you can fight."
We can't know what's in our deepest heart until the Spirit of God helps reveal it through challenges and "bumps" in our lives. And the truth is no one can "bump" anything out of your life that wasn't there in the first place. If anger spills over out of your life...own it.


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