How bad do you want it? You know, just how bad do you want to make a difference in other people's lives? How bad do you want to make a difference in your own walk with Jesus? That's what this month’s Legacy is about.

There are a lot of great starters in the Kingdom, but not a lot of great finishers. I have just quietly found ways to reach into my own heart 52 years into full-time ministry to say, “OK, I'm going to fan the “How Bad Do You Want It” inside of myself and try to fan it into others.

Still chasing after Jesus,



Philippians 2:12 reminds us to "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." Often good people (in and out of the ministry) will confess to me their frustration with their own lack of spiritual growth and intimacy. While the principles of maintaining a relationship with Christ are the same for all of us (prayer and Scripture reading), I often suggest to those frustrated Christians that they might need to find their own "spiritual pathway."
We all know that strategies can bring in numbers, but strategies don't always bring spiritual significance in the lives of your teenagers. As you struggle to see your group grow and draw closer to Jesus, grab a cup of coffee and join me as I share with you impacting principles on juggling and succeeding in the world of Quality vs. Quantity.


We're all pretty desperate about getting our problems solved, but we want the solution without it costing us something. I think that's why we have so many half-hearted Christians these days. Why? Because when something ceases to cost you something big, it ceases to mean something big.
In this message, we'll look at Jacob's wrestling match and Elisha's journey. They both had every opportunity to sit down on the inside, but chose not to. There was a price to be paid in their pursuit, and they were willing to pay it. My question is...are you? This message isn't just for your students, but for you too. When everything on the inside of you says "sit right down and coast here," may you stand up on the inside! The price tags you pay to live a life fully committed are worth "playing to the whistle."


When everything inside you wants to throw up your hands and say, "I've had enough...I quit!"  Just Keep Swinging!
How hard are you fighting for Kingdom purposes?  Because the game we're in now...we're in the 4th quarter and our Father is watching us.


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