Whether you're talking to kids or adults, you'll connect with this month's topic. One of the biggest things the enemy tries to use against all of us is simply...boredom...because the truth is, we often don't always "feel things" and they certainly aren't "exciting" all the time. These resources focus on what God repeatedly points to in His Word that keeps the life of a beleiver exciting.

You'll also love my leadership coaching resources that will help you keep from letting your messages fall flat, and becoming repetitave and boring. Be sure to listen to some of my simple secrets for becoming a great story teller and where I find my stories.

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The truth is, lots of people will forget your message, but they will remember key stories. In this Leadership Coaching, Jeanne shares ten places where you can find some great stories and a few important pointers that will help you tell the stories so they will be more compelling and memorable. 
Big events are tons of extra work and often, come with a hefty price tag. So, listen in as Jeanne answers the question, "Are Big Events Really Worth It?" 


In this Message Jeanne challenges students to an adventurous, breath-taking and evangelistic faith. Without it, they run the risk of buying into the false notion that Christianity can be boring...when lived out well, it is anything but! 
It is an honor to be a minister of the gospel and the bottom line is we are all called to the ministry. This is a night of ownership; a night when we say that ministry is who you are, not what you do. 


Just because someoone can preach well, sing well or play well, doesn't make them anointed.  Talent is not an acceptable alternative for genuine intimacy with God.
Passion is not voiced, it's not volume, it's not persona, it's commitment.


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Below are EVEN RESOURCES that go with this month's LEGACY topic.