"Family VS Ministry: The Eternal Tug Of War," it's so true, isn't it? All of time management is a trade-off. Unfortunately, for those of us in ministry, that trade-off can easily become our family. However, my personal definition of success is having "those who know me BEST love me MOST." Whether your family is your mom, your brother, your sister, a spouse, or your own biological children, you are forever trying to figure out how you can do both.

In these resources, I will share some of my challenges growing up in a home with parents who weren't Christians and also some things we did while serving full-time in ministry to raise our own boys, who are now both in full-time ministry theirselves.

Committed to fighting for family,



We all "know" that the most important ministry DOES NOT begin when we pull out of the driveway but when we pull into it. Unfortunately, all too often, the people who are the most precious to us...our family...gradually become the most common due to the demands of ministry.
In this leadership coaching, listen in on seven strategic elements in building a Christ-honoring, welcoming environment. Refuse to fail at this ministry success test, choose instead to up the ante when it comes to the friendship/family tenor of your ministry.


Most of us passionately want to make a true difference in our families and friends to hopefully bring them to a relationship with Christ. In this message I give some pragmatic principles that you can share with your team so they can begin to positively affect their families through faith!
We know all too well, when we share Christ with those we love most, the risk of rejection is high for a number of reasons. However, the reward of spending eternity with them in heaven can't be touched. We know this...our team knows this...yet sometimes we both need reminded of it.


We have the privilege of saying in faith, in prayer and claiming the Scriptures, that if nobody else stands in prayer for my family and friends, I will.
On the scale of perfection, none of us are the Christian we would like to be. But someday, if Jesus hasn't come yet, I'll be having my promotion ceremony and it is my prayer that those where closest to me will be able to say that I didn'tjust preach about family, I lived it.


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