This month's Legacy is invaluable. The "heavy cloud" of depression is something that is painfully common in today's world. Stats tell me that more than 30% of all teenagers will deal with some form of depression before they reach adulthood, and the percentage of adults suffering from this debilitating disease is significant also.

So, whether you're working with teenagers, volunteers, college or adult individuals, be sure to listen to these resources, because they will be helpful. You'll also want to listen to the resource, "Facing Depression As A Leader," something I know about personally and is so a really common challenge, especially for those of us in ministry. It's a great topic, be sure to listen in.




"Depression is real and pastors are not exempt or defective who experience it. In this generation, pastors are expected to be business savvy, Instagram quotable preaching celebrities, fully accessible, deeply spiritual, not too young, not too old..."
While I don't need encouraged to take a vacation, Charles Spurgeon's quote, "When fatigue walks in, faith walks out," reminds me of the importance of one. Trying to juggle the demands of ministry can be grueling.


Speaking from her own battle with depression, she candidly shares on the different causes of depression, some amazing heroes of the Bible that dealt with it and practical steps to fight against the disease.
People can always disappoint us, but there is a Heavenly Father who never will and because of His love, He has placed destiny and purpose on all of our lives.


If you're dealing with the "Heavy Cloud" of depression, know you aren't alone. Many of the Christian greats, like Mother Teresa, A. W. Tozer, Charles Wesley, Henry Nouwen have dealt with this too.
When you keep looking backwards with guilt from past sins you've been forgiven for, it's like trying to drive forward looking in the rear view're certainly in for a crash up ahead.


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