If you are leader in any capacity, you'll resonate with the topic of this month's Legacy! I could have named this Legacy lots of other things, but I knew this topic would get your attention. For many leaders criticism is a weekly, if not a daily reality of life. And, like the title says, it's not for the weak. Leaders that can't learn how to navigate criticism, don't stay in leadership very long.

I've also included a Message called, "Tied To The Tormentors" that deals with forgiveness you'll want to listen to and share with those you are leading along with a couple of other resources on this valuable topic.




I was prepared for Spiritual Warfare when I entered ministry. But the unexpected punches emotionally came from the criticism that became an almost "daily norm" for me, especially from other Christian people. Criticism reminds me of the phrase, "Death by 1,000 cuts," and as repeated small criticisms come, we find ourselves slowly dying on the inside.
The subject of this coaching is NOT meant to help you fix your senior pastor, but to give you 12 simple, doable suggestions on how to improve upon your relationship. And, in doing so, you might end up with exactly what you most desire. For your greatest limitation will never be the leader above you, but the spirit within you.


Life will present big challenges in the area of forgiveness for even the most "sheltered" people in your ministry...let alone the ones who come from more typical backgrounds. And even more honestly, the area of hurts and bitterness can be used strategically of the Enemy in the life of every leader and pastor. 
In the spirit realm, unforgiveness always emotionally chains you to the person you are not forgiving. The truth is that forgiveness is hard. It's easy not to forgive because we don't feel like we can or we think it lets the person off the hook from what they've done. In reality though, unforgiveness is like drinking a cup of poison and expecting the other person to die from it.


Encouragement isn't fake flattery or a facade. It's looking beyond negative to find positive in someone and giving it away to someone else. Our generation earns Olympic medals in sarcasm, but not encouragement.
Rejection starts in your own head and whether it's valid or not, if you don't deal with it, perceived rejetion can turn a person from a disciple into a betrayer.


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