This month's Legacy is one you don't want to miss! It unpacks some of the Beatitudes, but it is so in direct oppostion to the attitudes of 21st Century America. You know, our "Cancel Culture" ... cancel everyone who in any way disagrees with us or upsets us. We all know as a leader that our most important decision we make, is our attitude. Attitude is really everything. So, be sure to listen to the resource I've entitled, "Your Most Important Leadership Decision," which deals with our attitudes as leaders. We all know it with our heads, but it's great to take a few miniutes and remind us every once in awhile.

Have a great time listening and thanks for letting me be in your life.




Most problems in leadership are really not the problem. More often than not, the real problem is our attitudes.
In leadership, attitude issues that you'll encounter cover such a wide range: the "sin is cool" attitude, the "rebellious and proud of it" attitude, the "run the  group down with sarcasm and cuts" attitude, or the apathetic "drop dead - I don't care" attitude (and there are so many more).


Most of us know that our outward ACTIONS are only the "grandchildren" of our earlier ATTITUDES. So to create lasting outward change, inward attitudes have to be aligned and cultivated.
What's the secret to a happy life? So many people think it rests in money, power and fame, but they couldn't be further from the truth! Most will find, after they've spent some time barking up the wrong tree, that true happiness begins by choosing the direction of your thought life. 


To make wise decisions, let your goals, not your emotions, guide you. The more mature you are, the less you consult your feelings to determine how your life is really going. Focus On One Person At A Time.
Mother Teresa love intentionally prioritized only one person at a time. She said, "As I look into each person's eyes I give myself to only that one person in the same way I would be giving myself to Jesus Christ."


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